6 Ways to Stay Motivated on the GAPS Diet

The GAPS Protocol may be full of simple foods, but it is not easy.  Whether you are on Full GAPS or on GAPS Intro, you are bound to hit a road block that makes you question why you even try to eat well.


I’ve been there. All of us GAPSters have. 


Here is How Not to Give Up on the GAPS Diet

When you feel this way, it is important to dig deep into your roots.  Why did you go on GAPS in the first place? Take time to connect with this thought and acknowledge the strides you have made- big or small. They always count. 


Here are 4 actionable steps you can take when you want to Give Up on the GAPS Protocol:


1) Take Pen to Paper

Write down what motivated you to go on GAPS. Make a list of your symptoms before starting GAPS and compare them to your present condition. It is easy to forget how awful you felt in the beginning and realize how much your health status truly has transformed even if the evolution has been slow. 


2) Consider the Possibility of a Die-off Reaction

When our micro biome is shifting on the GAPS diet, pathogenic bacteria die, which releases toxins. These toxins can overload your detox systems and potentially make you feel worse. To slow down this die-off process, eliminate fermented foods. Depending on severity, you can also cut out meat stock, as this gut-healing drink kills pathogenic yeast. When you feel better, you can add these foods back in gradually, starting with small amounts and building up the dose.   


3) Fast

You can give up on food completely. Just for one day. Drinking water or meat stock for 24 hours will allow your body to rest and your mind to not worry about food. After abstaining from solid food for 24 hours, you’ll be so happy to eat any GAPS meal you can get your hands on.  And all of your food will be exciting again. 


4) Find a New, Fun Recipe that is Totally Different from what you Normally Eat

Sometimes we get stuck in a food rut, eating the same kinds of meals over and over again.  From a gut-healing perspective, you HAVE to rotate your foods to prevent development of further food sensitivities. From an emotional, spiritual prospective, mix it up! Give yourself the gift of excitement. Make burgers with a collard or lettuce bun, cook carrot or zucchini noodles, make a rutabaga mash.  You can also check out my GAPS Party Drink Recipe.  The internet is full of recipes and possibilities, I promise!


5) Eat Non-GAPS Food

Playing Devil’s advocate here.  If you are so sick of feeling restricted, unrestrict yourself. Eat that cheesy potato you’ve been longing for, and see what happens.  This strategy is not ideal, but sometimes it is necessary to remind us how well the GAPS protocol supports our bodies. Sometimes we need to feel our choices to be able to stand behind them- not just intellectually, but on a bodily level.


6) Reach Out for Support

If you are still at a loss and feel like you are doing everything correctly with no results, reach out to me for individualized attention. Having an outlet for your GAPS questions is integral to your success! Also, if you feel lonely on the GAPS protocol, you can check out my article, Top 5 Ways to Stay Social While on the GAPS Diet


Experiment with the actionable steps that resonate with you. If you are on GAPS, I know that you are tenacious and strong. You are amazing, you will get through this, and I believe in you!


So now I want to hear from you. What steps can you take to keep yourself motivated while healing your gut? What strategy are you most excited about? How have you been able to not give up on the GAPS diet? I would love to hear about it! Please let me know in the comments below. I read all of them! Also, if you have a friend who could benefit from this post, please pass it along. The ‘Share’ icons below make this process super simple. Can’t wait for your response!