Exactly What You Can Eat on the Full GAPS Diet

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When you first decide to heal yourself with the GAPS Diet, 9 times out of 10, I’ll recommend that you go on Full GAPS.


So if you are looking for a list that tells you exactly what foods are & aren’t allowed on Full GAPS + in more detail than the book offers, I got you!


I sorted this Full GAPS List by category- meat, veggies, fats, nuts, seasonings, fruits, cheeses, etc. Almost every category has more info about how to select from this particular list of approved foods so that they comply with GAPS (there is so much nuance!). And then I included a list of foods that are NOT allowed on GAPS, with suggestions of which foods to eliminate 1-by-1 before you go on this protocol. That way you can slowly prepare yourself for this huge change without getting overwhelmed.  


I’ve been meaning to make this baby (this list haha) for a long time, and now its finally here!  Hope it can make everything a lot easier for you!