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What You See Before You Today all Started When I Received this Message from Dr. Natasha’s Son:

“I’ve had a look over your videos and website and am happy to say that it all looks good to me. You clearly are quite passionate about GAPS which is great to see, and it’s always people who have experienced improved health on the GAPS diet who make the best and most passionate teachers…” -Dr. Natasha’s Son, Matthew Campbell-McBride



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Before that, GAPS Academy was just for my clients.  And my clients would complete the GAPS GRAD Program before we even met for the first time. Meaning they would watch ALL of these GAPS Certified Instructional Videos & do the assigned prep work so that they would be ready to do the GAPS diet upon our 1st meeting. But after seeing the profound change these videos made in my clients’ lives, and seeing how fully prepared they were to start GAPS after watching them, I had a feeling there was more in store for the future of these videos. It didn’t take long before I felt called to make them available to the entire GAPS community. So once Dr. Natasha’s Son officially approved them for accuracy {*the first time around 😍*}, it was time to release them to the world! And here we are. 😀



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A Short Cut to Saving Your Own Life

In case you didn’t see this somewhere else on my website, It took me: 3.5 years on GAPS, a lyme disease diagnosis, record-breaking amounts of pesticides in my body, an insane amount of heavy metals, a GAPS practitioner certification, and 8 months working intensely with one of the top GAPS Practitioners in the world (Dr. Becky Plotner) before I figured out how to do GAPS correctly & truly started healing myself. I don’t think it should take that much time, suffering, or study for you [or for ANYONE else!]. 


I feel SO effing passionate about this because once upon a time I was housebound, bedridden, and my body was covered in rashes that were so bad I couldn’t wear clothes. And that just skims the surface. I didn’t even have enough energy to chop vegetables. Much less the ability to work and earn a living. So I really had to figure out the most effective way to go on GAPS. Healing myself while saving the most time, money, and energy as possible. I’ve been through hell and heaven for what I’m about to share {words compliments of Toni Jones, Hayy!!!}. And my intention is that these instructional videos will help you achieve the same level of transformation. A.k.a. I hope they help you save your own life because that is what this information did for me. 


This pic gives you a very slight idea of what I went through.


Since I spent so much time with Dr. Becky Plotner, one of the top GAPS Experts in the world, and I already had so much prior experience with GAPS + a practitioner certification, we were really able to dive deep into this journey together. Plus, I was incredibly ill, so the stakes were high. I wanted to know why EVERYTHING in my body was malfunctioning and how I could improve it. So that is the level of awareness I walked away with. Becky and I still work together today, just not nearly as often because I’m so much better now. However, because I love & respect her so much, AND because I desired to reach every single person who needed to hear this message, I asked her to say a little bit about me for my website. This is what she said:


“Lauren Meadowsweet has a heart for health, the natural way. She is compassionate, kind, and a simply lovely woman. She has been working in the GAPS community for quite some time, navigating and learning all the time. She has the heart to help. The passion of diligence. It’s an honor to have been working with Lauren in any way.” -Dr. Becky Plotner, ND, tdnl nat, CGP, D.PSc, One of the Top GAPS Practitioners/ Experts in the World


Well, I will say, it has been SUCH an honor to work with her as well. And Dr. Becky Plotner is in a couple of these GAPS Certified Instructional Videos! So I am excited to share her with you. 



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Learn from Someone who has been through Hell & Gotten Herself Out of it with GAPS

As I started to feel better, I began to be more transparent about my process online and what it was actually like to go on the GAPS diet and heal myself. Because it’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and I didn’t want to pretend anything different. I also made videos & blog posts offering the GAPS info that helped me. Because a lot of what has isn’t widely available to the public.  And then I started getting feedback like this:


“I feel often, when you are speaking wow! This is my experience, I have searched for other information on youtube as well as listened to Dr. Natasha and Dr. Becky Plotner but your videos were detailed. I am finding my way back to myself and it is through your videos and wisdom that have been a gift. You are a blessing to me and I could cry with where I would be or we would be without this information.” -Now a GAPS GRAD Program Member, Sarah


So yeah, I’m pretty sure that made me cry. I wish I could share all of these messages with you! AND before that, I received one of the best compliments of my life from Marisa Tolsma of Bumblebee Apothecary.  If you don’t know who she is yet, go check her out on YouTube, she’s amazing.  She posted this to one of my videos:


“I feel like you are going to be a second Dr. Becky some day.” -Marisa Tolsma of Bumblebee Apothecary



WTF thank you, Marisa. You’ll never know how much that means to me! Because that is exactly my intention. To be the next generation of GAPS and to help people in a similar way that knowing Becky has helped me. 


So THAT is why I created these videos, and also why I am releasing them to EVERYONE. When I started GAPS, I couldn’t afford a practitioner. And even when I could, after seeing Becky for 8 months, I was STILL doing enemas wrong. No single practitioner can tell you everything you need to know. That’s not an efficient use of their time. Their specialty is to help you with your unique health issues, not feed you general information. Plus, you should not need to see a practitioner to be able to perform the basics of the GAPS Protocol correctly. I feel super passionate about that. These videos are a physical manifestation of this belief. And I am deeply honored with the privilege of sharing them with you today. 



After one of my clients watched all of these videos, I asked her for some feedback.  This is what she said:


“I’m not positive I ha[d] a major question that [the GAPS GRAD Program] didn’t answer…” -One of My Clients {Name Protected for Privacy}


And that is my goal for you. That you do not have any major questions after watching these videos. So you can stop freaking out about how to do GAPS correctly and focus on resting. Or on working with a practitioner regarding your specific health issues. No more wondering about general GAPS information. I’m tired of it! I’m tired of most people not knowing! Even if they’ve been on this protocol for years. Because I was 1 of them.



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How You Know if these Videos are For You:

  • You are serious about Healing Yourself & Doing the GAPS Diet Correctly
  • You have no idea where to start with GAPS, but you want to move forward
  • You feel really overwhelmed + confused
  • You cannot afford a practitioner, but you still need access to high quality, accurate information
  • You are able to work with a practitioner, but you want to get the basics down so that you do not become like me, who had a GAPS Practitioner Certification + worked with 1 of the best practitioners in the world for MONTHS and still did enemas wrong! 😅 😂
  • You learn by Watching vs. Reading (though there are PDF guides, these videos cater to video/audio learners!)
  • You have brain fog + fatigue and don’t have the capacity/ energy to dig through all the GAPS information to sort out which action steps are correct for you
  • You’ve been wanting to go on GAPS for awhile but need more direction
  • You feel like your mind may explode with all the conflicting GAPS information that you read online
  • You have started GAPS, but you are not quite sure what the next step is
  • You are incredibly ill & need to do GAPS as perfectly as possible
  • You have been on GAPS, but you are not experiencing the progress you want and so you need to make sure everything you’ve been doing is correct



How You Know these Videos are NOT for You:

  • You think they are going to save you
  • You think buying them is going to fix all of your problems
  • You are looking for a quick, easy fix for your health
  • You don’t plan on taking any aligned action after you watch them
  • You absolutely do NOT want to do the GAPS diet
  • You think buying these videos will give you direct access to me answering all your GAPS questions. That is not what these videos provide. However, purchasing the videos does provide opportunities for you to give feedback about the current videos + suggestions for what future ones you would like me to create. You can read more about this process in the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.



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Learn How to Do the Basics of the GAPS Diet Correctly Without a Practitioner

The purpose of GAPS Academy [approved by Dr. Natasha’s Son] is to go way more in depth than you could ever go with a practitioner at a fraction of the cost. The videos cover the most foundational aspects of GAPS (that I see everyone getting wrong) and are designed to change the way people go on GAPS forever. After you watch them, you will be ready to focus on healing your own unique health issues vs. freaking out about how to do GAPS ‘right.’ And then if you do see someone for help, they don’t have to explain the most fundamental concepts to you for a higher price + with less detail.


These videos make healing yourself on GAPS possible without all the confusion and months of research on the internet, only to realize years later that you’re still doing it wrong.


Really, these videos include all the basic information (I see everyone messing up on) that I’ve found people need to know BEFORE they go on GAPS or start working with a practitioner. But the videos can be a great troubleshooting tool as well if you are currently on GAPS + not seeing the success you want.  In all honesty, these videos have all the info I found myself repeating over and over again to every single client that walked through my virtual doors.



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Know Exactly How to Do the Foundational Aspects of the GAPS Diet

My videos show you, first, how to prepare all the food. I bring you into my kitchen multiple times and spare no details or exact measurements. I also provide PDF Resource Guides so you can gather all the GAPS approved supplies you’ll need, with exact links to everything. However, these videos also teach you how to be physically + emotionally prepared for the process of healing yourself and the lifestyle changes you need to cope with that transformation. I originally made these videos for my clients. Though as time went on, I realized that everyone should have access to them. <3


There are 15 videos currently, but I am already planning + creating new ones to add to the mix!


All the available videos are listed below in my shop. You can buy them individually or at a discounted rate in The GAPS GRAD Program. The GAPS GRAD Program is the Best Value because you save $50 USD, compared to buying each video separately! However, that’s not all. You also get grandfathered into every future video I make. So as I create more instructional videos, the price of The GAPS GRAD Program will increase, but because you have already bought in, you get access to the new videos at no additional cost. Pretty cool! My way of saying thank you for your trust in me and your commitment to this GAPS process. I sincerely want you to have as much accurate information as possible. GAPS is hard enough as it is. So let’s make it as easy and enjoyable as it can be! It’s time to heal yourself!

There is a video trailer + a bulleted list for every video that explains the specific info each one offers in the shop! Just scroll down to take a look.


In the GAPS GRAD Program, you will Access these New Videos + Others at No Additional Cost when they are Released:

  • Candida Overgrowth + Sugar Cravings
  • Nuts
  • Detox Support Part 2: Sunbathing
  • Eggs: how to introduce foods you are sensitive to & how to tell the difference between a food reaction & a die off reaction


Yes, You Can Do the GAPS Diet. So Go Ahead already!

Where ever you are in your healing process, I hope that GAPS Academy (approved by Dr. Natasha’s son!) can make GAPS way less overwhelming, confusing, and intimidating. In fact, GAPS can even be FUN, believe it or not. Being on this protocol has brought me so much genuine JOY and transformed my life in so many ways. And I believe that’s what it can do for you too. So my intention for these videos is that they make any barriers to you fully committing to the GAPS diet irrelevant. And that you can stop wondering if you are doing it ‘right’ once and for all + finally effing heal yourself. It’s Time!



*P.S.- If you’ve been following me at all, you know I’m pretty passionate. There is adult language sprinkled into my content and these videos are no exception. For each video that contains adult language, I’ve indicated so on its info page.*



*P.P.S.- Also wanted to clarify in case it’s not already obvious- This work is derived from my personal experience and my personal recommendations based on that experience. 🤗*






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