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All of the Foundational Methods I used to Heal my Gut &

ultimately Heal Myself from Advanced Stage 3 Cancer


*Transcending the Fucked Up-ness*

going from housebound & bedridden to full-time travel in 2.5 years 😎🌈🔥



And THEN when I started to shrink my tumors significantly, the detox symptoms from that caused horrifying rashes yet again… and this system worked- YET AGAIN.



No Cancer? GREAT. I’ve found in healing my microbiome, I heal  E V E R Y T H I N G. every chronic mental +physical health condition. & if I had found this system sooner, I probably wouldn’t even have Cancer in the first place 🙃




So What is ‘this system?’ Here- This Program includes the entirety of it- E V E R Y foundational method I used to heal myself from being housebound + bedridden. It is the most comprehensive & the best value:


BUT these bundles will change your life too & you get significant ‘bang for your buck.’ The cost of these bundles apply to Healing Yourself School as well, if you choose to go deeper at a later date. That way, you’re free to choose the level of depth & commitment that’s aligned for *you*




✨ All Courses have all been approved for accuracy by Dr. Natasha ✨





♥️All Proceeds Go toward Raising Funds for My Cancer♥️



“Your course helped me more then any of the healing modalities that I have spent thousands of dollars on.” -Sarah Hernandez from Texas, Healing Yourself School Student


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