Previously known as the GAPS Diet Uplevel- the Uplevel is Upleveling. And coming back as Healing Yourself 101! What started out as GAPS Diet Instructional Videos approved by Dr. Natasha’s Son will be taking a new form.



Not only will there be even more step-by-step resources to provide clarity in your GAPS diet experience, but also opportunities to connect with people on your same journey. The goal is to navigate this path while staying true to your Self {and getting in touch with what that even means}. Keep yourself posted on when the doors open so you can Have Confidence that you are on the right track and a community to help you refine the process. With me as your guide along the way. 😉



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There will be payment plans & scholarship opportunities available when the doors to Healing Yourself 101 open! These options will also be available for The Truth Seekers Club.

The Truth Seekers Club will be a perfect opportunity to ask additional questions and connect with folks on your same journey. Sign up above if you want to more details about this opportunity when it becomes available. You can also book a one-on-one session. Just contact me to set something up. :)

You are welcome to use what you learn in this Program and apply it to your professional or interpersonal relationships. However, you are not permitted to copy or distribute this program directly to your patients, clients, or anyone else. Also, please cite my work when applicable.

You have lifetime access to Healing Yourself 101 once you purchase it. The Truth Seekers Club operates on annual or 3-month seasonal cycles, depending on which option you choose.