GAPS Gals:
Online Support Group

I created GAPS Gals so that like-minded women could come together once a month to learn and share about their own GAPS Journeys in the setting of a free GAPS Diet Support Group.  We need each other, Ladies!



These meetings take 40 minutes from beginning to end, and I conduct them via online video chat. I split them into a 20 minute educational portion and 20 minute organic Question and Answer.


For the educational part, I present powerpoints that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride made herself. She gives these presentations to her GAPS practitioners because she wants their information to be available to the public. Dr. Natasha wants every single person to have access to a GAPS Diet Support Group.


Topics include: How a damaged gut leads to damaged Psychology and Physiology, GAPS Diet Details, How to Transition into the Diet and off of it, Stages of Intro and when to move on, Full GAPS, Detoxification, Practical Issues, Troubleshooting, Pregnancy, and Heart Disease.


We meet the last Thursday of every month at 12pm MST. If you are unable to make it, I also send out a recording of our chat, so that you do not have to miss a thing! 🙂