Every month, I create a 20 minute presentation for you- developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, but brought to life by me.



She gives these formatted presentations to all of her certified GAPS practitioners, but usually you have to physically show up somewhere to see them.


So I’m bringing them to the online space! Not all of us are lucky enough to live right next to a GAPS practitioner.  I know because I was one of these people once. When I started the GAPS diet, I lived in Alaska!


Each month, I teach about a different aspect of the GAPS protocol. This is a great way to understand the why and how behind the GAPS diet in bite-sized, digestible chunks.


Topics include: How a damaged gut leads to a damaged body and mind, what to eat on the GAPS Diet, How to Transition into the Diet and off of it, Stages of Intro and when to move on, how to mitigate detox reactions, Practical Issues + Troubleshooting, GAPS Pregnancy, and Heart Disease (how animal fat, one of the top building foods on the GAPS diet, is not the culprit).


Sign up and join if you are tired of being miserable, feeling lost, stuck in a loop, or overwhelmed.  These quick lessons are packed with golden, life-changing wisdom nuggets made just for you!