GAPS Scholarship Program

Gut Healing is for Everyone

In a perfect world, everyone gets access to the gut healing care that they need.  However, I know that this opportunity does not always present itself. That is why I am offering my GAPS Scholarship Program.


Sometimes, you just need to work with a Certified GAPS™ Practitioner who can guide you through your health journey according to your individual needs. Early on in my own GAPS experience, I desperately needed this support but was unable to get it.  My healing time nearly doubled, or maybe even tripled, because I could not get access to the help that I needed. You can read more about my story here.


Now, as a GAPS Practitioner myself, I offer my GAPS scholarship program. When you win this scholarship, you get an initial intake session and my transformational program free of charge, which is 6 months of individualized support! These services hold up to a $1500 value. Click here to read more about the services included in my intake process and transformational program.


I award one person this scholarship every 8 months. To apply, submit an essay, 2000 words maximum, about your GAPS journey, why you need specialized help, and your financial situation. Attach a headshot of yourself to your application.


When you are finished, please email your completed application by midnight on Sunday, June 16, 2019 to me at Type SCHOLARSHIP into your subject line to be considered for this opportunity. I will not consider incomplete applications and will announce the winner July 1 through my mailing list. I love hearing all of your stories, and I cannot wait to hear from you!