Pesticides, Chelation Damage, and Trauma. Oh My!


me after all this sh** mentioned in the heading has happened, believe it or not. During my 4th round of GAPS intro.


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If you want to know about my more mild experience with GAPS intro, you can click here for my experience before my toxic exposure happened (aka before the spilling of pesticides on my skin, IV chelation damage, life altering trauma, etc.). Or here for a briefer synopsis of my general GAPS Intro experience.  


However, if you’re continuing to read from ‘my mild experience,’ you can skip ahead to the next paragraph. But here is where I left off. Basically, years after spilling pesticides on my skin, I would realize that I had an the eerily similar experience with pesticides to Dewayne Johnson. The man who originally won $289 Million from Monsanto because he proved that spilling the pesticide, Round Up, all over his body caused his terminal cancer. Not only that, but the company had been aware of its chemicals’ effects for the past 20 years.  You can read more about his story in the Times article here. 


So in this part of my GAPS Intro journey, I will not only be struggling to heal my gut, but will be fighting off the roots of cancer that have been planted in my body as well. 


The mind-blowing damage pesticides caused inside my body took awhile to fully manifest. And the chelation damage (chelation= ingesting chemicals that pull heavy metals out of your body by force) and trauma certainly did not help my situation.


Setback February 2018 * IV Chelation Damage

My MAJOR health complications all started after I got intravenously (IV) chelated by a doctor to test for heavy metals (had some ‘lingering issues’ after my pesticide exposure, but I couldn’t figure out why at the time), and my lead levels were ‘off the chart.’  Later, I would learn that IV chelation mobilized toxic metals in my body to the point that they damaged my liver.  My autoimmune reactions returned. I developed a horrendous rash under my armpits and my ankle swelled up to the size of a balloon ‘for no reason.’


I wish I would have taken this picture when my ankle was at its biggest for the full effect! Didn’t think to take this pic until the swelling had gone down quite a bit. Still pretty gnarly though.


And Oh the Trauma..

Around the same time, I lived alone in a small apartment building and was the only woman who lived there. 


The man who lived below me started to become increasingly sexually aggressive and violent.  He would pound on my door in the middle of the night and bashed in my lock in while I was gone.  I had to flee my home for my own safety and never went back. 


I lived out of airbnbs and friend’s places for 2 straight months. Never missing a day of work- hell bent on keeping my nutritional health coach position in the corporate world. 


Staph + Fungal Infection from IV Chelation

The first night in fleeing my old apartment, I stayed in a ‘nice’ hotel and contracted a staph infection in my chelation-induced armpit rashes. And since the first round of antibiotics didn’t work, I had to take them every day for over a month.  Fungus infected my rash as well, which only responded to a pharmaceutical that caused liver damage. Nonetheless, I took this drug daily for almost 1 year to control my rashes. 


The PTSD Returns

Soon after, I stopped being able to sleep through the night. Originally considering myself to be an independent person, I could not live alone anymore post-trauma.  So I moved in with my partner and literally couldn’t fall asleep without him. And in waking I felt like my life was threatened every time I saw a man at work, out my window, or out walking his dog, etc. It became incredibly hard to function, as my PTSD (from a previous sexual assault)  returned with a vengeance. I started having suicidal thoughts.  The only thing that got me through was getting 2 emotional support animals (2 sister kittens who were the most adorable babies I had ever seen).  Some days the only time I even smiled was when I looked at them.  They were my little angelic lifelines.


Emotional Support Babies to the rescue! Kitten sisters: Juniper on left, Thuja on right.


And lastly, the nail in the coffin to my previously healed life- All my food sensitivities came back, and I became allergic to eggs and dairy again.


Intro time 3 * October 2018 * Duration 3 Weeks

I was really not in a place in my life where I could muster up the time, resources, and energy for GAPS intro. However, Dr. Natasha’s required all of her practitioners to do it during her official GAPS training.  I stayed on it for as long as I could manage before transitioning into full GAPS again. But I did notice significant changes even in 3 weeks.


  • the ‘fog’ in my mind started to clear, suicidal thoughts went away
  • depression/anxiety lifted



Intro time 4 * January 2019 * Duration 3.5 Months

The wake up call. Aka when I realized the extent of the damage. After everything that I had been through, my health was way worse off than when I started GAPS in the first place. Though SO MUCH changed within 3 months.


back into the kitchen I went!


Here goes, after 3 months of GAPS Intro I:

  • started sleeping through the night again
  • was able to sleep even when my partner was not at home
  • parasites started coming out of me in multitudes
  • got off all pharmaceuticals and supplements prescribed by my previous doctor (including the liver-damaging anti-fungal. YAY!)
  • Got off 2X per week b12 injections despite my MTHFR mutation diagnosis
  • depression and anxiety went away
  • PTSD started to get better. Began being triggered less.


Setback May 2019

After a somewhat unexpected decision, my partner and I moved from Colorado to Oregon. During our trip, one of my emotional support kitties jumped out of our travel trailer at a semi-truck parking lot in Wyoming (love and miss you, Thuja), and we never saw her again.  To say I was devastated was an understatement.  I was an absolute wreck.  She held so much pain for me, and when she left it all came back, amplified X10. 


And then I got bit by a tic. You guessed it… Lyme.


Tyler and I eventually arrived to our new farm home, got another kitten, and I started to rebuild. However, during this process, I noticed I had a completely different body. ‘I can barely tolerate meat stock and detox baths now,’ I told my doctor. ‘My body feels so much more sensitive than its ever been.’


Well, she replied, “you sound like you’ve poisoned (exposed to chemicals on our trip, I’ll spare you the details), and the stress probably pushed you over the edge. I advise you stop working for a little bit.”  And I was so glad I did because I crashed about 2 weeks later.  I became so sick that I didn’t leave my house for almost 2 months. 



a rash so severe that it hurt to wear pants haha. This is the same spot where I spilled pesticides on myself 2 years prior.


This is when my doctor and I found out about my lyme disease, my record-breaking pesticide toxicity levels, and my extremely high amounts of not only lead, but mercury, mold, and fungus as well. 



Intro time 5 * November 2019 to May 2020 * Duration 7 Months * Now Graduated to Full GAPS

The humbling healing that has changed my life forever and has up-leveled my ability as a practitioner so profoundly that I can only attempt to explain in words.


me pretty pleased with all of the progress I have made


During this time I was able to:

  • cure my egg, dairy, and nut allergies
  • sleep through the night again (without ear plugs!)
  • eliminate severe menstrual pain + symptoms
  • go on walks again
  • hike again
  • leave the house again
  • drive again
  • do yoga again after 1.5 years of not being strong enough to
  • work again + earn a living
  • cope with my lyme disease, symptoms virtually gone
  • reduce the numbers of pesticides and toxic metals in my body
  • become triggered by strange men a lot less
  • pass thousands of parasites and parasite eggs
  • dispel at least 40 gallstones


So yeah, GAPS intro is no joke. It’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever done and the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. Deeply humbled in pursuing its mastery, now you have an idea of why I call myself the GAPS intro queen + how I’ve earned my crown. Ultimately, I will continue to do everything I can to pass on this wisdom, these skills, and this transformation to you + whoever needs it.<3




I have not updated this in awhile!  You can click here to see the full list of things I’ve healed since then. Or click here to see what happens when you don’t feel like you are healing yourself on GAPS.



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