My Story


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Life has brought me into GAPS intro 5 times.  The first 2 were fairly normal/ typical.  The last 3 were after IV chelation damage, record-breaking pesticide toxicity, and a trauma that involved fleeing my home (to never return) as the result of a sexually violent neighbor.


Though I’ve never been a ‘textbook’ case when it comes to my health, I have always been a physically sensitive person that needed GAPS regardless. However, in reflecting on the events I share in this story, I acknowledge that I hold the highest toxic burden (in certain ways) than anyone I’ve ever met. 


If you want to know more about what brought me to GAPS, you can click here.  But for time and attention’s sake, In this blurb (or whatever you call it), I will only focus on the times that I’ve gone through GAPS intro, the vast improvements I saw, and the setbacks that inspired me to go on GAPS intro again for yet another round. 


Intro Time 1 * June 2016 * My First Round * Duration 6 Months

from left: before GAPS intro, then 2.5 months into it

Progress I made:

  • rash over my entire body went away
  • depression went away
  • anxiety went away
  • ‘tantrums’ went away (at my worst I punched 3 holes in the wall when I was angry- I don’t remember what about)
  • able to get out of bed after days of not being able to, have energy to take care of myself, & do yoga
  • was able to ‘hold it’ (my pee) when I needed to go to the bathroom
  • lost 30-40 lbs and kept it off
  • food sensitivities started disappearing, and I was able to eat eggs and dairy again
  • ADD gone
  • bipolar gone
  • PTSD symptoms gone (from being drugged and raped when I was 17)
  • able to sleep through the night again
  • athlete’s foot gone
  • ‘puffy’ face gone down to normal size, total body inflammation went down
  • clumsiness gone
  • eyesight improved


Setback June 2017

Oh the setbacks. I contracted a case of poison ivy that would not go away. In retrospect, the itchy redness that ‘wouldn’t go away’ was probably from heavy metal and pesticide exposure.


I worked with pesticides for my job, not appreciating how seriously dangerous they were, and spilled the liquid onto the skin of my stomach. 


And after 4 rounds of steroids (aka profound gut damage), my skin irritation still persisted.


I would much later find out that I had the highest amounts of 2-4D, a pesticide, in my system that my doctor had ever seen.


And she specializes in ‘last chance,’ complicated cases.  ‘You won.’ she told me. ‘And you didn’t just win by a little bit, you LAPPED people. By a lot.  I’ve honestly never seen numbers even close to this high.’


Intro Time 2 * January 2018 * Breezed Through It * Duration 1.5 Months 


I even traveled during GAPS Intro! Finishing up my Functional Nutritional Therapist (FTNP) certification in Portland, OR. Using dish soap to get out meatstock stains after a drinking-while-public-transporting spill


Progress I Made:

  • my symptoms that started to creep back in after 4 rounds of steroids went away (aka depression, anxiety, bad sleep, weight gain)
  • resulting chronic infections went away
  • hair started to grow back
  • started going on a run, in addition to doing yoga every day
  • never had to worry about my weight again (aka I have stayed the same size since, after having yoyo’d [weight fluctuating ALL over the scale] for the past 10 years)


Years later, I would realize that I had an the eerily similar experience to Dewayne Johnson, the man who sued Monsanto and originally won $289 million because he proved that spilling the pesticide, Round Up, all over his body caused his terminal cancer.


And he proved that this company had known about these effects for the last 20 years. You can read more about his story in the Times article here. 


Taking his story into account, I knew I would not only be struggling to heal my gut after spilling liquid pesticide on the skin of my stomach, but I would be fighting off the roots of cancer that had been planted in my body as well. 


The profound damage these pesticides caused in my body took awhile to manifest.  However, I do believe GAPS protected me during this process.  You can continue to read about my Intro Journey after this toxic exposure + after my IV Chelation damage here