Healthy Fat


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  • How eating Healthy Fat will be the #1 Way to Fast Track your Progress on GAPS
  • Exactly what Healthy Fats are, How to Source them, & which Toxic Fats to Avoid
  • The Benefits of Animal Fat vs. Plant Oil
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*What This Video Includes*


  • How eating Healthy Fat will be the #1 way to Fast Track your Progress on GAPS
  • Exactly what a Healthy Fat is, how hard it is to find, and how to find it



  • How eating the wrong kind of fat on GAPS can be Toxic
  • What to do if you cannot tolerate eating dietary fat
  • The Benefits of Animal Fat vs. Plant Oil
  • How Saturated fat and cholesterol does NOT contribute to heart disease, studies show
  • How eating healthy fat determines to your ability to heal yourself + your mental health, immune/ inflammatory response, hormone balance, fertility, and more
  • How much fat you should eat on GAPS to optimize the process of healing yourself
  • EXACTLY which fats to avoid on GAPS
  • Resource Guide PDF that shows all GAPS Approved fats, links to them, & how to source them + make your own
    • GAPS Intro list- Fats approved Stage-by-Stage
    • Full GAPS list- All approved GAPS Fats
    • List of Fats to completely avoid
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