Stuck on GAPS: 5 Ways to Uplevel + Escape a Plateau

If you are following the GAPS diet, implementing proper detox support, and still not seeing the results you want, it can be beyond soul-crushing. I have totally been there, and it’s hard to spend all that time, money, and effort just to have your health remain unstable.  Here are 5 things I emphasized on GAPS to finally get the healing that I desired + longed for. 


1) Sun Bathing

With no sun screen, GASP!  The idea is to expose as much of your skin as possible during the hours of solar noon.  You can find what time solar noon is in your area by googling ‘solar noon [your time zone],’ as it changes throughout the year. I hate to reduce this down to  the concept of Vitamin D because there are so many aspects of the sun that we do not understand.  However, I will say this.  When you are wearing sunscreen, your body cannot absorb Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, but a hormone that makes all healing possible.  Without it, you cannot heal yourself.  And about 75% of the US population does not get the recommended daily allowance (which is still too low in my humble opinion).  So there is a very likely chance you are not getting enough.


Dr Natasha says that during solar noon, if a person lays out for 30 minutes, they will absorb an average of 10,000 IUs.  If you have ever taken a Vitamin D supplement (far inferior to the sun itself), you know that the average dose to gain back Vitamin D deficiency is 2,000 IU.  Basically, all of this Vitamin D you are absorbing, you are saving it for winter like a squirrel.  How awesome is that???


To start: get in direct sunlight, facing the sun.  When you close your eyes and look toward the sun, you are absorbing vitamin D through your eyeballs.  Start with laying out for 10 minutes on each side.  As the days progress, your tolerance will increase and you can stay out for longer.  I’m usually out for about an hour total these days.  If you get sunburnt, you’ve stayed out for too long.  Wait for your skin to recover, and then go back to the amount of time your were previously tolerating. 


Fun Fact: when combined with the use of enemas, I’ve noticed that laying out in the sun will occasionally induce the passing of parasites.  I had a client who noticed the same effect when she took a Vitamin D supplement. 


Also, I struggled with rashes a lot, and I noticed that laying out in the sun worked wonders, making my rashes more manageable, and then ultimately they disappeared. 


2) Meat Stock

Dr. Natasha recommends drinking at least 5 cups per day for adults, 3 cups for kids, and 1/2 cup for infants.    Because basically, meat stock is the literal the glue that seals your intestinal lining. So especially if you have food sensitivities, allergies, or yeast issues, you probably want to drink as much of this as you can! Meat stock has been the single most active component in my gut healing.  At the moment, I’m drinking around 6-8 cups per day.  You can read more about meat stock here and more about my story here


3) Fermented Vegetable Brines

The most ignored + non-sexy part of the GAPS diet= fermented brines! They are liquid, which means they go straight into your bloodstream, giving them an edge over fermented foods.  Becky Plotner told me about a study done with kimchi, made with conventional vegetables, that showed that after the fermentation process, all the glyphosate was gone.  Potentially suggesting these microbes from fermentation could also be dissolving pesticides in your own body!  I recommend them to all my clients to drink before meals to increase their digestive capacity, and therefore decrease the amount of time it takes them to heal themselves.  Starting with a small amount and then building up to consuming as much as they can without a die off reaction.  The first two recipes I tell all my clients to make are sauerkraut juice and beet kvass


4) Liver

The biggest game changer of them all.  In this article, I explain of eating liver every day saved my life.  In summary, I have the MTHFR genetic mutation which means by body ‘cannot digest and absorb’ B vitamins.  And B vitamins are essential in detoxification and energy production.  I had to go on B12 injections twice a week and take all these methylated supplements, which I hated.  Then I started eating liver, and I got off of all that sh**! Which showed me that liver had B vitamins in a form I could absorb!  In forms that everyone could absorb, unparalleled to any other source. 


So after Monica Corrado taught me how to make these liver ‘pills,’ I started taking them every day.  Becky Plotner once told me that one of these ‘pills’ was more powerful that any other B vitamin you could possibly buy at the store. 


5) See A GAPS Practitioner

Did you know that not seeing a GAPS practitioner ultimately cost me + my family about $20,000? I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not.  That was how much it cost to get the wrong ‘holistic’ treatments and expose myself to pesticides ‘that weren’t that bad.’ It took 3 years of my life and all that money to finally recover from this sh*t show, and I am just now starting to come out of the worst of it. 


The more toxic the world becomes, the more complicated cases get.  Though in 2004, when the GAPS book came out, it was common for people to be able to heal themselves without supervision, that is increasingly rare.  And though I know hiring someone to help can cost a pretty penny, consider what it would cost in both years of your life and in literal dollars to keep making mistakes, not getting the support + answers you need, and to unintentionally keep making yourself sicker.  So yes, working with a GAPS practitioner is an investment.  But in the grand scheme of things, this is your LIFE, and you deserve to live it.



So there!  Choose 1 of these strategies to focus on to get yourself unstuck, and you can implement more as you need them. My case has been so serious that I have needed all of these methods, and I implement them all on a daily basis.  That being said, my life definitely revolves around this!  And to the extent that you ‘need’ to do ALL of this? Well, that looks different for everyone.  So just do the best you can.  It’s all any of us can do. 🙂