What to Eat on the GAPS Intro Diet

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Difference between GAPS Intro diet & Full GAPS




Exactly what you can eat on the GAPS Intro diet: Stage-by-Stage.


This food list tells you everything you need to know.


“Can I eat [blank] on stage [blank]?”


A question you will never have to ask again after you have this list!


Being in the GAPS world for 5 years now, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this question, which is why I made this list to share with everyone so we could all stop freaking out.  


After Becky Plotner’s stage-by-stage GAPS Intro presentation (she is one of the top GAPS practitioners in the world, in case you didn’t know!) approved for accuracy by Dr. Natasha herself, I decided to make a list out of it. Don’t worry! I reached out to Becky to make sure it was okay. Her and I have been hanging out for awhile at this point. Since she helped me save myself from record-breaking pesticide toxicity. 😉


what to eat on gaps intro diet


Anyway, here is the list! With all the meats, drinks, and veggies for each stage. Only took me 5 times on GAPS Intro to get it right. No big deal! haha. Glad you can just sign up & get it + not have to go through what I did!


Unsure of where to start? The Full GAPS Diet may be a better fit. Go here to get the Full GAPS Food List.