How to Make Liver Pills: An Essential Part of the GAPS Diet

‘For optimal healing, eat the amount of liver equal to the size of your hand every day,’ says Dr. Natasha.  ‘Not your palm, your hand.’


Personally, that sounds like an incredible feat.  I think I may have had a few days like that where I’ve plowed through some pâté, but for the most part, when I heard these instructions, they sounded impossible. 

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Sauerkraut Juice: The Most Overlooked Part of the GAPS Diet

Consuming fermented brines has been one of the most important parts of the GAPS diet in facilitating my detoxification (they are dissolving pesticides in my body!), getting my stomach ready to eat (drinking this sauerkraut juice 15 minutes before a meal), and rebuilding my beneficial gut flora necessary for the rich, healthy life I intend on leading.

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GAPS Cocktail

No, this GAPS cocktail is not alcoholic haha. It’s just a way to spice up your meat stock intake!


On GAPS, Dr. Natasha recommends you drink at least 5 cups of meat stock a day for adults, 3 cups a day for kids. But really in general, the more the better.

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Meat Stock and GAPS: Not Bone Broth!

Meat Stock is the backbone of the GAPS diet. Whether you start on Intro or Full GAPS, Dr. Natasha recommends you consume meat stock for an average of 1 year before switching to bone broth. Why? Meat stock is less digestively complex than bone broth and contains higher levels of collagen, gelatin, and amino acids that play a role in your ability to heal yourself. 


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Bored on the GAPS Diet: GAPS Party Drink Recipe to the Rescue!

Chances are that you are going to get bored on the GAPS Diet. In fact, this phenomenon is almost guaranteed!  Especially on the GAPS Introduction Protocol, with every food needing to be cooked in meat stock and limiting your fibrous vegetables, your meals can start to get repetitive.  But have no fear, GAPS Party Drink is here!

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