GAPS & Stress Part 2: Why Will Power has Nothing to Do with your Ability to Heal Yourself [Energy, Mood, Weight, & Cravings]

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So I have to preface this article by saying it contains the best kept secret known to humans. And this is because when you understand how your Blood Sugar literally controls your life, you’ll understand that there is nothing wrong with you as a person. All your ‘bad’ decisions, all the crappy food you’ve eaten [when trying not to], all the awful sh** you’ve said in the heat of the moment that you didn’t mean, it can all be explained by your blood sugar levels. 

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My Review of Luisa Zhou’s Employee-to-Entrepreneur Course: The Financial Aspect of Health

The process of healing yourself is hard enough as it is without having to worry about the financial aspects of how you are going to make that happen. 


GAPS & Wealth

You can’t really talk about GAPS without talking about privilege.  As it is one of the most expensive + obscure diets around.  It seems like GAPS was created for those specifically with socioeconomic & educational privilege.  And really, that’s definitely part of the truth.  The intrinsic need that gave birth to this protocol was the increasing amount of autistic children born on this planet. Parents spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find a solution to no avail.  As a result, Dr. Natasha created the GAPS diet

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GAPS & Human Design

The last few weeks I’ve written about what to do if you’re stuck on GAPS. Detox support being the first priority, and then following up with more pinpointed strategies to up level your GAPS game. 


But what if I told you it wasn’t just about the physical stuff?  What if healing yourself is not just about food, or detox, or meat stock?  Well it’s not. 

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Stuck on GAPS: 5 Ways to Uplevel + Escape a Plateau

If you are following the GAPS diet, implementing proper detox support, and still not seeing the results you want, it can be beyond soul-crushing. I have totally been there, and it’s hard to spend all that time, money, and effort just to have your health remain unstable.  Here are 5 things I emphasized on GAPS to finally get the healing that I desired + longed for. 

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Detox Support = NOT an Option

A lot of times when people think they are getting worse on the GAPS diet, it is because of Detox and Die Off. And they are actually getting better.  I’ve seen this on my own journey (hello, rashes!), and I see it with my clients all the time.  Basically, when pathogenic flora start dying as a result of GAPS, these little bugs explode and release all of their toxins at once. 

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How to Make Liver Pills: An Essential Part of the GAPS Diet

‘For optimal healing, eat the amount of liver equal to the size of your hand every day,’ says Dr. Natasha.  ‘Not your palm, your hand.’


Personally, that sounds like an incredible feat.  I think I may have had a few days like that where I’ve plowed through some pâté, but for the most part, when I heard these instructions, they sounded impossible. 

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Sauerkraut Juice: The Most Overlooked Part of the GAPS Diet

Consuming fermented brines has been one of the most important parts of the GAPS diet in facilitating my detoxification (they are dissolving pesticides in my body!), getting my stomach ready to eat (drinking this sauerkraut juice 15 minutes before a meal), and rebuilding my beneficial gut flora necessary for the rich, healthy life I intend on leading.

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5 Ways I Prepped for Covid-19 Without Even Knowing it

While this Covid-19 Coronavirus has caught the mainstream medical community with it’s pants down, skilled alternative healthcare practitioners have been effectively treating viruses for ages.  Here are 5 things I’ve been doing for awhile that have prepped my immunocompromised self as much as possible for this pandemic.

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GAPS Intro and Coronavirus: The Most Supportive Diet

Mass panic ensues. Toilet paper flies off the shelves, hand sanitizer evaporates the moment it’s back in stock, and politicians declare a state of national emergency.  I remember my partner stalking reddit back in early January wondering how big of a deal this new coronavirus was going to be.  But was any one of us really prepared for it???

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GAPS Cocktail

No, this GAPS cocktail is not alcoholic haha. It’s just a way to spice up your meat stock intake!


On GAPS, Dr. Natasha recommends you drink at least 5 cups of meat stock a day for adults, 3 cups a day for kids. But really in general, the more the better.

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Die Off Guide Part 2: 9 Ways to Deal with It

More die off does not equal better.  A pretty common misconception about die off is that ‘the more miserable I can be (aka the more symptoms I can put up with) during die off, the faster I can heal.’ But that is not the case. When I have too much die off at once, not only do my symptoms get way out of control, but these toxins overwhelm my body (you can read more about this process in my article, What is die off, Really? if you haven’t already) causing more harm than good.  

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Die Off Guide Part 1: What is it, Really?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about die off and detox. So let’s dive in! Being a GAPS gal myself, I was pretty toxic at first and the amount of ‘good bugs’ in my gut were extremely lacking, so I have a ton of personal experience on this topic (moreso than I would like haha). 

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Enemas on GAPS: Why You Need Them More than You Think

Avoiding an enema on the GAPS diet can increase the time it takes to heal yourself by three months (says Amy Mihaly, of The Be Well Clinic).  So doing enemas on GAPS may be a major determiner of the outcome you will receive from all the hard work you do this diet. Yes, enemas may seem uncomfortable, but let me just get real with you.  I’ve been healing my gut for three years and just started doing enemas on a regular basis. This habit has completely changed my energy, my mood, my sleep, and my optimism toward healing.

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Meat Stock and GAPS: Not Bone Broth!

Meat Stock is the backbone of the GAPS diet. Whether you start on Intro or Full GAPS, Dr. Natasha recommends you consume meat stock for an average of 1 year before switching to bone broth. Why? Meat stock is less digestively complex than bone broth and contains higher levels of collagen, gelatin, and amino acids that play a role in your ability to heal yourself. 


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Bored on the GAPS Diet: GAPS Party Drink Recipe to the Rescue!

Chances are that you are going to get bored on the GAPS Diet. In fact, this phenomenon is almost guaranteed!  Especially on the GAPS Introduction Protocol, with every food needing to be cooked in meat stock and limiting your fibrous vegetables, your meals can start to get repetitive.  But have no fear, GAPS Party Drink is here!

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GAPS and Autoimmune Disease

Whether you are struggling with an autoimmune condition or know someone who does, it seems like you can’t throw a rock these days without hitting an autoimmune person.  Autoimmune conditions happen when your body starts attacking itself.  In Diabetes Type 1, your body attacks your pancreas. In Hashimoto’s, your body attacks your thyroid.  When you have arthritis, your body attacks the lining of your joints.  The list goes on.


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