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Lauren is a GAPS Queen.

She’s overcome being housebound + bedridden, record-breaking pesticide toxicity, Lyme disease, liver damage, extreme food allergies, gallstones, parasites, mental/PTSD symptoms & more.


How, you ask? She has been healing herself through the GAPS Diet alone for 6 years.


Which has led her to become a Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy + GAPS Practitioner & a Human Design Reader. She helps people heal full-time.


However, 6 months ago she gained new (shocking) information about her healing journey…..


She has had CANCER this entire time! When Lauren found out that she had stage 3 breast cancer she immediately started multiple holistic methods to eliminate the tumors.


And it’s WORKING! Check out these thermography pics.

Here are some personal words from Lauren:

When I found out I had cancer, I thought my life was over. Not because I was afraid I was going to die, but because I knew my family (particularly my parents) were not going to support me in what I knew was going to be a very unconventional approach. I had already healed myself from the impossible- being housebound & bedridden with lyme disease – rashes covering my body that were so bad I couldn’t wear clothes. My pelvis was so swollen that I couldn’t sit on the toilet. And I was too weak to wash dishes or stand for more than 15 minutes. When you go through something like that, your entire worldview transforms. My doctor ran some tests and found I had record-breaking amounts of pesticides in my body, which are inextricably linked to cancer (reference here). She said they were at least 100x higher than anyone she’d ever seen before. Well that was 3 years ago. And since then I have gotten strong enough to leave my bed, leave my house, and fast-forward to today where I’m currently traveling full-time in the pacific northwest with my cat. 


2.5 years apart


So when I found the cancer, I knew that I wanted to pursue a different approach from the conventional. I had already deviated from the mainstream medical path, when they didn’t know what to do with me years prior. The truth is I got myself out of a housebound, bedridden, swollen rash-covered state solely with FOOD. The methods I implemented allowed my body to heal itself from the root. Leveraging that divine intelligence that every single cell in our bodies innately contains. From what I had already observed, I just knew that my body could heal the cancer too, if given the proper tools it deserved. Looking back, I realize that my symptoms- the rashes, being bedridden, all of it- had probably been the cancer all along. My doctor told me that my cancer was slow progressing because of all of the healing work I had done. This is based on the fact that my cancer is stage 3, but I had first felt the lump 6 years ago (conventional doctors dismissed my concerns).


This journey has humbled me in so many ways and continues to do so. I am not going to pretend that I know everything. I don’t. Even today I’m implementing new strategies & treatments as my knowledge base expands, becomes more refined, and my self-care (cancer) routine feels manageable enough to add one… more… thing. to the mix.


I’m protected by the methods that got me out of my bedridden state. All of those rituals are 2nd nature now, and I’m so grateful. So when I pulled the tumor out through my skin (yes, you read that right), I was physically & emotionally strong enough to endure that trauma (watch here). But it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. Then when I told my parents about it, they were horrified and told me I could no longer live in their home. I had been living with them because of my health issues for 1.5 years prior.


I went from living with my parents to adulting with cancer + being responsible for all my own bills within a matter of months. All while battling cancer!


In the end, I’m so grateful that I’m away from my parents and now live amongst people that emotionally support me.


However, where I live is ever-changing, as I do not have the physical resources to settle in 1 place. Financially, I still find myself having to choose between food & doctor’s appointments, housing & various cancer treatments. Register my expired tags, buy warm clothes or pay for my medical expenses? These are the daily decisions I have to make…. I’ve felt suicidal because of this. It’s been beyond stressful. But I’m so grateful to be around people who believe in me & hold the vision that I CAN and WILL heal. I would love to settle somewhere longer-term and get a place of my own within a community where I can fully heal from cancer and move past this chapter in my life. But, right now, I just can’t see past my maxed-out credit card debt and trying to survive day-to-day, literally.”  — Lauren Meadowsweet



Here’s where her money goes:

INTENSE KETOGENIC DIET – The most clinically effective diet for cancer. More than just low carb, ketosis puts the body into a fasting (healing) state, which starves cancer & has an anti-tumor effect by disrupting the metabolism of cancer cells. Ketogenic protocols also feed and boost the immune, nervous, & hormone systems, which further support the body’s ability to fight cancer.


GREEN TEA THERAPY – a compound called EGCG in green tea has been statistically proven to shrink tumors & have an anti-tumor effect. Lauren must drink at least 3 servings of matcha every day to reap the cancer-reducing benefits of EGCG.………


2X DAILY OZONATED OIL PULLING – ozone kills cancer. Ozonated oil is also needed to heal a mouth infection that could potentially cause the cancer to spread (more info about these specifics in Season 2 of the Cancer Series)




MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS – guidance from trusted professionals who have extensive experience helping people heal from cancer naturally & thermographic image interpretation


THERMOGRAPHIC IMAGING – scans to see how the cancer is progressing, whether tumors are shrinking or spreading, a tool to see how effectively cancer treatments are working


2X DAILY LYMPHATIC MASSAGE – the most effective way to move lymph is to physically get in there & move it – cancer requires lymphatic stagnation in order to develop, grow, & spread so it is vital to keep the lymph system stimulated & moving


THERAPY AND EMOTIONAL PROCESSING – in the naturopathic perspective of medicine, unprocessed emotions & trauma get trapped in the body & turn into cancer. 1 of the commonalities experts see in people who survive is their willingness to process & heal their emotional state.


REST (TAKING TIME OFF WORK) – the most important of all therapies, ample space to sleep & rest helps integrate all other cancer-reducing therapies

 – organic vegetables & meats that were grown on regenerative farms by real people hold the deepest nutritional value & provide the body the resources it needs to heal itself


SUPPLEMENTS – magnesium helps the body detoxify from cancer & is present in every single detox reaction, glyconutrient powder enhances cellular communication of immune cells & enables the immune system to fight cancer, lysine inhibits rashes caused from viruses that get activated when pathogenic organisms die inside of the body


DAILY COFFEE ENEMAS – a vital & necessary part of supporting the body’s detoxification process from cancer. coffee enemas eliminate built up waste & toxins in the body & stimulate the liver + gallbladder to release gallstones & parasites, which play a role in the progression of cancer + dis-ease.


DETOX BATHS – providing a route for toxins to leave through the skin in addition to leaving through the bowel, a nervous system regulating & relaxation technique


REBOUNDING – jumping up & down on a trampoline is the best way to stimulate lymphatic flow 2nd to physically moving it with  massage. Lymphatic stagnation leads to the growth & proliferation of cancer.


2X DAILY SKIN BRUSHING – stimulates lymphatic flow. Lymphatic flow is necessary in the prevention & treatment of cancer.


STABLE HOUSING ENVIRONMENT TO CONDUCT ALL THERAPIES – implementing these therapies requires hours of dedication every single day & a space to conduct these therapies. When traveling, it is physically impossible to do all that is required to keep tumors shrinking & cancer at bay.


RELIEF OF ALL FINANCIAL STRESS – keeping the nervous system in a relaxed state is vital for healing from disease. So paying off credit card debt, updating car registration (Lauren is currently driving around with expired tags on her car due to financial turmoil), & being able to pay for basic needs as they come up is part of the healing process.



Though all of this is working, it’s never easy.

She has overcome being bedridden but these treatments take a lot of work and energy! She is currently unable to work with clients.


Lauren has contributed so much to many peoples healing journeys and even through the most devastating experience of her life, she humbly teaches us. For those that don’t know, she has made the only certified GAPS instructional videos and has so much value to offer the whole world. You can learn more about her offerings HERE. Everything you buy goes directly to support Lauren.


She has also spent an enormous amount of energy documenting her healing with SEASON 1 + SEASON 2 so that WE CAN BENEFIT from all the knowledge she’s excelling with. Anybody who has donated in the past (or now) will receive FREE access to SEASON 3 where Lauren reveals her most vulnerable and informative videos yet. (This will be a subscription-required series to view the private videos and they will not be public on YouTube)


Fighting cancer is extremely daunting, expensive, draining, sacrifice, commitment, and it takes EVERYTHING you have- physically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually.


Unfortunately, the financial stress of daily needs has become too much and the biggest stress for her. It’s important during this process for her body to be free of stress hormones since the body only heals in a stress-free state. So, I’m sure you can only imagine the balance of working and resting has felt impossible due to finances.


At the same time, she lost all financial support and housing stability from her parents. She was literally kicked out of her home and doesn’t even receive emotional support from them.


Lauren is a true warrior and victorious, there is no doubt she will overcome cancer to add to her list + helps tons of people here and after.


We are so proud of you, Lauren, and support you 1000%. Below there are a lot of different options to support her both financially and emotionally. You can gift her what she needs with a one-time payment or choose to help her throughout this whole process with a monthly donation.


All donations are life-saving! 

But She is REALLY in need of MONTHLY SUPPORT since this will be an ongoing process to rehabilitate & integrate back into a “normal life”.


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Not only does it help SAVE her life but it also could SAVE somebody else we love from so much pain, suffering and/or death. 




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