5 Ways I Prepped for Covid-19 Without Even Knowing it

While this Covid-19 Coronavirus has caught the mainstream medical community with it’s pants down, skilled alternative healthcare practitioners have been effectively treating viruses for ages.  Here are 5 things I’ve been doing for awhile that have prepped my immunocompromised self as much as possible for this pandemic.


1)Being on the GAPS Intro Diet

I’m on the GAPS Intro diet and have accidentally become an expert on it.  You can read more about how GAPS Intro has prepared my compromised immune system for the Covid-19 here or more about my general GAPS Intro story here


2) Sourcing Food from Local Farmers

The more I’ve learned about nutrition, the more I’ve learned that grocery stores just aren’t good enough.  Even the best ones.  Did you know a head of broccoli loses half of its nutrients within 24 hours of being picked, yet it takes 7 weeks on average to get to your grocery store?  Like I said, not going to cut it for me. 


Well, now we’re all wondering, ‘how long is our supply chain going to last?’ or ‘Are we going to run out of food?’  At least I certainly am.  And the empty grocery shelves speak to this fear.  When checking in with a friend in LA, he said…

None of us honestly know how long this lack of supplies will last or if it will happen again.  But I already know that if my back is really against the wall, I’d call Krista or Abram, my farmers and my friends. 


My partner and I also grow some of our own food.  Yes this is a privilege, and we’ve given everything we have toward this vision. Not because we were certain of a global pandemic, but because we intended on eating the best food possible.  And Lord knows… there is no way in hell I will eat canned food (dead food) in the midst of a health crisis. If I were, I know my immune system would not have a fighting chance against this virus. Instead, I am buying a ton of food from farmers, making it into GAPS Intro soup, and freezing it into individual portions.  


3) Eating Liver + Cod Liver Oil Every. Single. Day.

I have been eating large amounts of liver and cod liver oil every single day for the past few months. Both of these foods are incredibly high in Vitamin A. Becky Plotner of Nourishing Plot references that some believe every disease is Vitamin A deficiency. The National Institute of Health says that Vitamin A shortens the duration and intensity measles, another infamous virus.


Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning your body stores it up over time.  So the time to start building up your reserves is NOW. Cod Liver Oil is also high in Vitamin D, which is a misnomer because Vitamin D is so much more than a vitamin! Instead, I think of Vitamin D instead as a hormone that makes all healing possible.  Most people in America are deficient in Vitamin A and D.  So chances are, you probably are too.  


4) Having Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide on Hand

Dr. David Brownstein, a holistic MD famous for his work with iodine (also effective against viruses under the correct supervision, but I can only fit so much info into one post!), almost laughs at the ineptitude of the modern medical community.  He states that, ‘For over 25 years… my office has been successfully treating viral infections.’  The main things he orders for his virus-infected patients are intravenous Vitamin A, C, D, and food grade hydrogen peroxide.


The food grade hydrogen peroxide got me curious because I already had some on hand to clean my enema bag.  My doctor confirmed that if I got the Covid-19 virus, I could put 2-3 drops of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide in a full glass of water and that should take care of it.  She said to do it as a last resort, but if I’m being honest, I’d probably do it at the first sign of symptoms along with high amounts of cod liver oil, Vitamin C, and a few other supplements (more on that to come).


5) Not Trusting the Government or Mainstream Medicine to Take Care of Me

After being too sick to work and mainstream medicine only making me more ill, I haven’t trusted the government or Big Pharma to take care of me for a very long time. I learned the hard way that I am responsible for the outcome of my life because I am the one who cares the most. Though no one changed my entire diet + lifestyle for me, I am so thankful for my beautiful family who supported me through this process. 


And even though we are not going to get direct help from the big whigs, we still have each other. And we are stronger together! Please reach out to me if you ever need anything or have any questions. I’ll be thinking of you.


GAPS Intro and Coronavirus: The Most Supportive Diet

Mass panic ensues. Toilet paper flies off the shelves, hand sanitizer evaporates the moment it’s back in stock, and politicians declare a state of national emergency.  I remember my partner stalking reddit back in early January wondering how big of a deal this new coronavirus was going to be.  But was any one of us really prepared for it???


The empty aisles of canned food say no. And the mainstream medical community with their lack of viral knowledge and overflowed hospital beds? Say Absolutely not. 


GAPS Intro + Coronavirus= Being Prepared?

Lo and behold though, I stood prepared, which comes as a shock even to me.  Ever since I spilled pesticides on my stomach in 2017, I have been a ‘fascinating’ and complex health case, to say it lightly. And I’ve used the GAPS diet, mainly GAPS intro, to get this toxic sh** out of my system, deal with lyme disease + coinfections, and stop my autoimmune reactions.  Basically doing everything I could to make my immune system the most badass b**** on the block. 


Over time, I’ve learned how to take care of my health in the most dire situations.  And it turns out that a global pandemic also fits that bill. 


In Times of Desperation, GAPS Intro has been There

In my most desperate times, I’ve always turned to GAPS intro, which I am on right now for my 5th time (after contracting lyme disease [you can read more about my story here]).  And honestly, after all this pandemic stuff happened, I couldn’t be more psyched about being on this nutritional protocol, the most virus-fighting diet I could possibly be on. Especially since I fall into the higher risk, immunocompromised category.  


GAPS Intro = Best Diet to Fight Coronavirus

According to Melanie Christner at honestbody.com, the best foods to help viruses are meat stock, fatty stews, and probiotic foods. AKA the vast majority of what I put into my mouth. 


Becky Plotner, one of the most renowned and famous GAPS practitioners of our time (who is also my mentor… holla!) says roughly the same thing.  That the most effective foods are probiotic brines because they go directly into the bloodstream and outcompete pathogens. Clinically, she sees this as the most effective method (in large doses, but be careful of die off reactions).  Well, I already had 2 gallons of sauerkraut juice in my fridge, 1/2 gallon of garlic brine, and 1/2 gallon of beet kvass because these serve as one of the backbones of the GAPS intro diet.


What About Full GAPS?

A lot of people on full GAPS will actually go back to GAPS intro if they have a virus because it is most effective for the situation.  A recent client of mine, seriously immunocompromised, started shedding previously dormant viruses within days of being on Intro.  This is after years and years of going to fancy doctors and not being able to figure out what was wrong with her. 


But if you don’t want to go on intro, full GAPS is the next best thing.  However be warned.  Viruses even love some full GAPS food including nuts, raw cacao, citrus, and an excess of any fresh fruit. 


No other time in US history has the government encouraged us to stay at home, not to go out to restaurants, and not to work.  I understand intro may not be the best fit for everyone right now. But if you are in a position to use this viral quarantine experience to massively overhaul your health and strengthen your immune system, this could be the perfect opportunity to dive in. 


For more specific health measures I’ve taken to prepare myself for the coronavirus, you can continue reading here.

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