“[After 3 months on GAPS Intro working with Lauren:]

Well, I do see progress in my special boy every day since we started!

*He sleeps so well throughout the night and during the day (nap)

*He shows so much understanding about his surroundings! The things he is doing I can’t believe! Sometimes acting like a neurotypical kid! with so much confidence! A silly example is I never taught him to put the light on and off! But he started to put it on whenever he goes to a dark room, and when it’s sleep time he puts it off!

*He acts upon instructions like if I tell him go take this to daddy he does it while he never did in the past!

*His bowel movements are so much better!

*His eye contact is amazing!

*He plays in new ways!

*He is very affectionate with us and my family!

*He is so much more flexible! Like if I introduce a game idea he tends to follow! And if I say no to something he doesn’t mind!

*He does not crave sugar any more! As a matter of fact he does not crave any of the GAPS illegal foods which in the pasts were like drugs to him! For example in the past if he saw something sweet he would want to eat it all but now when I offer a banana he’d eat it and that’s it! Won’t ask for more! And if he sees us eating bread (my husband and I survive on it lol) he wouldn’t ask for it at all! While in the past if he saw anything with sugar, gluten or casein he would die to have it!

*He is imitating more! Like if he sees us doing something he tries to do the same!

*Overall he is very present! Even while he stims he is present! Not completely ‘lost in his own world’ as before!

Yes, I too feel he is making progress every day!

I forgot to mention one thing! It has to do with observation, focusing and environment awareness! These are all better after GAPS! I remember before my kid would not care about any animal, even if we put his hand on it he would seem kind of blind and deaf not noticing the animal! But now even if a cat ran swiftly near him he would stand up (if he were sitting and run after it! He even asks me to take him see the cows and he so wants to touch them and play with them! Only I wish I were not a coward lol and even little ants he can notice! Even my husband was happy to see him like this because we took him once to the zoo and he did not care at all about animals not even the big ones such as the lion…etc

Before GAPS he was 11 kilos [24 pounds as a 3 year old boy] and after GAPS he gained about 10 kilos in just 2 months (about 21 kilos [46 pounds]) [went from less than 3rd percentile for weight to over the 97th percentile in 3 months] and I am sure he is gaining more every day (from the last time we had him measured) because whoever tries to lift him says ayyy you’re heavy boy haha! During intro he got even thinner (especially during the first week) it was scary to watch him but it just made us aware of how much thin he really was!” -S.M.





“Lauren was really encouraging in our meeting and helped me believe I could do the GAPS diet. It is not for the faint of heart so encouragement really helps. She has also followed this healing path herself so she walks her talk. It’s easy for someone to recommend a healing diet but better if you know they have actually done it themselves so you know it is possible. She’s also got a lot of training in nutrition so is good at recommending tips tailored to you as an individual to help you succeed. She is also very kind and a great listener.” -M.S.



Lauren is wonderful and such a joy to chat with. I’ve been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism since I was 12. I am now 28, and it’s been a roller coaster trying to get my health back! For the first time in years I have hope for my health! Lauren was able to suggest things, and pin point things I was doing wrong/right! I’m very happy with my conversation and look forward to working with Lauren more! -C.H.



When I first started working with Lauren, I felt I already knew a lot about nutrition. Yet despite this knowledge I still continued to eat sugary sweet treats and fast food with some regularity. Along the way Lauren gently guided me on my own convoluted, confusing path, dishing out compassion rather than guilt, until one day it all just clicked and I left all processed BS behind. I quit sugar cold turkey and all my meals are now made of whole ingredients. My mind is sharp, my muscles are toning themselves. It is as though I have been in an egg all my life. Lauren’s gifts were the last nutrients I needed to break out of the shell holding me back so I could emerge into my real life! T.E



When I began working with Lauren, I already considered myself very healthy and well-educated about holistic health. Unsure how she could help but frustrated that my healthy habits were not producing results, I decided to try an Initial Intake Session. This initial session revealed connections between a number of underlying issues that I had previously dismissed as insignificant. Lauren’s guidance allowed me to reconceptualize my approach to health and left me feeling empowered to make sustainable long-lasting changes. A truly transformative experience. -K.S.