Understand the Difference between the Full GAPS Diet and GAPS Intro

GAPS Certified Instructional Videos


There are 2 different directions to take the GAPS diet. So once you decide you want to go on GAPS, you still have a choice to make. GAPS Intro or Full GAPS? It’s important you understand the difference between the full GAPS diet and GAPS Intro. Because even though they both fall under the same ‘umbrella,’ they can be vastly different experiences. And choosing the right one to start with can determine whether you stick with the GAPS diet & heal yourself fully.


The video above describes the difference between full GAPS & GAPS Intro so that you can have an idea of where to start. And don’t let the names fool you, GAPS Intro usually comes 2nd! In a nutshell, GAPS Intro is probably the most intense diet you’ll ever go on. Monica Corrado, the official GAPS Chef, explains GAPS Intro as ‘introducing foods one at a time.’ Food needs to be cooked a certain way on each stage.  On the other hand, Full GAPS includes all foods that are ‘GAPS approved.’ You can cook this wider variety of foods any way you want, as long as you are using the appropriate cookware and not using the microwave! 😂


If you want a comprehensive list of which foods are approved on full GAPS and each stage of GAPS Intro {+ the foods absolutely NOT allowed no matter what!}, enter your info below. I feel honored in sending this to you. These GAPS food lists have information that I’ve never seen anywhere else, including in the official GAPS books! Both lists have been approved for accuracy by Dr. Natasha’s Son.