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•non-negotiable foundations to heal your Self no matter which healing protocol you choose

•Answers Question- ‘Well where do I even start?’ Ahem… Right HERE!

•Self-Paced Course & Lifetime Access

•Cost applies to the Advanced Bundle & Healing Yourself School, so that you can take your education & transformation further if you so choose




If I could only could teach people 5 tools to heal themselves, this is what I would teach them. Never would have been healing from Stage 3 Cancer without them. Watch Trailer for more info, it’s ~8 minutes long. 😘



Meat Stock

Fermented Brines


Liver & Organ Meats

Detox Support





“Your course helped me more then any of the healing modalities that I have spent thousands of dollars on.” -Sarah Hernandez from Texas, Healing Yourself Student


I could not be more grateful to Lauren Meadowsweet for making and sharing her videos. I found them at a time when I was feeling so alone in my journey to heal myself, a journey I had been on for way too long. I devoured all of Lauren’s free content quickly, and then would rewatch each of the videos because a. they were packed so full of info, I needed to watch them over and over to retain all the info, and b. my loneliness was lifted while I would listen to her talk about the health challenges she has overcome, and continues to face. Finally, I had found someone who understood, and who had made progress on GAPS. There was hope for me!  When she then made even more instructional videos and announced that she was charging a very reasonable rate for access to them, I was thrilled, and jumped right in. I have learned a ton from Lauren, and I recommend her videos to anyone who wants to do GAPS the RIGHT way, and not waste any more time. Also, she is a sweetheart and she makes me smile. – Ali S, Healing Yourself  Student



“The joy alone that Lauren exudes in all her videos makes this course 100% worth it. Not to mention all the incredibly well-researched content on GAPS Nutritional Protocol. Don’t Miss this!” – Kate Pope, fellow GAPS Practitioner



“When I started GAPS, I followed Becky’s Stage-by-Stage book like the bible. It would have been helpful to have your videos in the beginning, but I still learned a ton. I had been on the diet just under a year when your videos came out, and they were still so helpful!” -Kim R, Healing Yourself Student



“I was going to write to you after I watched all of your videos in the bundle, but didn’t want to wait that long to tell you THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  You’re amazing, and it brings me so much joy and relief to now have these resources you created.  This is what Dr. Natasha or Dr. Becky should’ve done all along, so I am so glad YOU took the time to do it for the rest of us <3 …you’re a godsend!” -C.P., Healing Yourself Student


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