The List of GAPS Certified Instructional Videos that Will Be Released Soon

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You’re ready to go on GAPS, or you’ve been flirting with it for awhile now, but you don’t know where to start. It’s so overwhelming, and there is so much information! Maybe you are already on GAPS, but you have no idea if you are doing it right. Where ever you are in your journey, it’s time to take the next step!


And no single practitioner can tell you everything you need to know without spending at least 20 hours with them.  



Good News

The purpose of these GAPS Certified Instructional Videos [approved by Dr. Natasha’s Son] is to go way more in depth than you could ever go with a practitioner. They cover the most foundational aspects of GAPS (that I see everyone getting wrong) and are designed to change the way people go on GAPS forever. After you watch them, you will be ready to focus on healing your own unique health issues vs. freaking out about how to do GAPS right. And then if you do see a practitioner, they don’t have to explain the most fundamental concepts to you for a higher price + with less detail.


And yeah, maybe you can’t afford a practitioner. But you also can’t afford to make any mistakes on GAPS because the food is expensive and you’re in desperate need of a transformation right now.


*cut to*


Why I created Instructional Videos for the GAPS Diet and How they can make it simple, straightforward, and remove all ambiguity about how to do it ‘right’



These videos make healing yourself on GAPS possible without all the confusion and months of research on the internet, only to realize years later that you’re still doing it wrong.


Really, the videos include all the basic information (I see everyone messing up on) that I’ve found people need to know [ideally] BEFORE they go on GAPS or start working with a practitioner. But even if you are already in the midst of it, I guarantee you are missing something. Not a big deal if you are getting the success you want. However, if not, these videos can be a great troubleshooting tool as well.  In all honesty, the videos have all the info I found myself repeating over and over again to every single client that walked through my virtual doors. And now I make my new clients watch all these videos before we even meet for the first time.


Making the GAPS Diet Foolproof

These videos show you how to prep for GAPS in both preparing food [I bring you into my kitchen multiple times and spare no details or exact measurements] + gathering the supplies you’ll need (with attached PDF resource guides). But they also show you how to be physically + emotionally prepared for the intense process of healing yourself and the lifestyle practices that are absolutely necessary to cope with that transformation. I originally made these videos for my clients. Though as time went on, I realized that everyone should have access to them. <3


There are 14 videos currently, but I am already planning + creating new ones to add to the mix! All videos have been approved for accuracy by Dr. Natasha’s son. And Spoiler Alert! Becky Plotner is featured in a couple of the videos as well! The entirety of these videos will be available for individual sale. They’ll also be available for a discounted rate in a bundle. Sign up for the wait list to see when they’ll be available for purchase. When you sign up, you’ll also get more specific details on what each individual video entails.  I look forward to being in touch!


Videos the GAPS Certified Instructional Video Bundle Includes so far:

  • Meat Stock (1:29:10)
  • Fermented Brines (31:28)
  • Water [featuring Becky Plotner] (21:44)
  • Liver (19:30)
  • Sauerkraut (25:09)
  • Salt (11:54)
  • Healthy Fat (48:35)
  • Body & Cleaning Products (20:06)
  • Detox Support [featuring Becky Plotner] (1:43:04)
  • Supplements (31:07)
  • Cooking Styles:
    • How to Make GAPS Intro Soup (43:13) or
    • How to Make Full GAPS Veggies (21:17) {cooking principles starting from Advanced Stage 2} 
  • GAPS Dairy (28:10)
  • GAPS Milkshakes (16:21)
  • How to Calculate How Long You’ll Need to be on GAPS (3:03:56)


Upcoming Videos (will be added soon)-

  • Yeast & Sugar Cravings
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Detox Support Pt 2: Sunbathing





‘These videos explain not only the ‘how,’ but also the ‘why.’ Why everything you’re making and doing on GAPS matters. And all the information is presented in an easy-to-understand, engaging format. You will be able to keep these videos and refer back to them forever and ever.’