Program Structure and Pricing

The GAPS™ Protocol is nuanced.  I highly recommend that you work with a Certified GAPS Practitioner who can guide you through this protocol as your body shifts, detoxifies, and changes.


Discovery Session: Free

This call is 20 minutes long and focuses on increasing the efficiency of time it takes for you to heal yourself so you can do so as smoothly and quickly as possible and take the best actions for your health moving forward.



Transformational Program: 3 Month Commitment

This program is for people who are determined to transform their health and their lives, who are not willing to take ‘no’ for an answer!  It is a premium service and offers the best support you can buy.


What is included:

    • Full intake including health history, nutritional assessment, and food journal analysis. This appointment goes as long as necessary to make sure we communicate all of the information we need to, so that I can help you heal yourself or your child in the quickest, most efficient way possible
    • 6 video/ audio check-in meetings (depending on your preference), up to 1-hr long, scheduled according to your preference
    • concierge email support, emails answered within 24 hours Monday- Friday
    • call-in hours 11am-12pm PST, or by appointment


This program takes the guess work out of the GAPS diet, and it eliminates your need to research and research and research, trying to find all of the answers on your own.  In this program, we concentrate on what you CAN eat on GAPS, emphasizing foods and practices that will allow you to heal yourself much faster, with longer lasting results, than if you were to try GAPS on your own.


It all comes down to having 3 specific made-from-scratch foods on hand, eating the 4 building foods as much as possible, and incorporating a couple of lifestyle practices in conjunction. With these unique strategies, I help you build your body back up, allowing it’s healing processes to take care of the rest!


Please contact me if you have any interest in this program at all, and we can set up a free 20 minute call to discuss details and decide if it is the right program for you.