Program Structure and Pricing

The GAPS™ Protocol is nuanced.  I highly recommend that you work with a Certified GAPS Practitioner who can guide you through this protocol as your body shifts, detoxifies, and changes.


Discovery Session: Free  

Let’s talk about your health situation and the best actions you can take moving forward. This call is 20 minutes long and focuses on increasing the efficiency of time it takes for you to heal yourself so you can do so as smoothly and quickly as possible.  



Transformational Program: Six Month Commitment

$275 per month or one-time payment of $1500

This program is most helpful for you if you want to reclaim your health and your life. It takes about six months to stabilize, form new habits, and set up your foundation for lasting change.


I will be there to support you throughout every step of this life-changing process. First, you will get an intake session, which involves an initial interview evaluation, a nutritional assessment, and a food journal analysis. Then you get access to 8 one-on-one live video meetings with me up to 1 hour long each. You also receive constant concierge phone and email service throughout your 6 month program to address your questions whenever they arise. 


I answer emails within 24 hours Monday-Thursday. Call-in hours are from 11am-12pm PST Monday-Thursday or by appointment.