Being & Eating for your Energetic Design {1.5 hrs}

A blend of GAPS and human design. We start off with a reading that informs you how to shift into energetic alignment and make decisions in a way that cultivate ease, flow, and nervous system regulation. Then dive deep into how to eat specifically for the unique energy you were born with. Don’t know what human design is? This will clue you in.




GAPS Diet Guidance Customized for your Unique Energetic Design

Even though we are all operating under the GAPS Diet Umbrella, the way you eat and your optimal lifestyle choices can drastically change depending on your human design. I take this all into account when guiding you through the GAPS Protocol. 




GAPS Diet Guidance

Let’s refine the protocol and customize it for you! For when you’ve hit a wall and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong or what you’re doing right. Or you’re just getting started! {offer will not be available soon. so if you’re feeling called, take advantage while it’s here 😘}





All amounts are in USD. For booking or additional questions email me at






Payment is due upon booking. For GAPS Guidance and GAPS Energetic Design sessions, this payment is for the 1st hour. If your session goes longer than that, the remainder of your total will be due at the end of our zoom call.