Top 5 Ways to Have a Social Life on the GAPS Diet

Adhering to the GAPS diet may make you feel amazing, but what about your social life?


As a human, you need to interact with people! It is not an option. Along with a real food diet, healthy relationships lay the foundation for your mental, and therefore physical, well-being.


Here are five ways to get the interpersonal nourishment you need while on the GAPS Nutritional Protocol:


1) Get Outside

Go outdoors no matter what time of year. If it’s nice, great. If it’s cold or rainy, bundle up! Activities can be as simple as taking a walk or working in a garden. Depending on your energy level, you can also hike, bike, ski, or sunbathe.


2) Play and Create

Play a board game you enjoy. You can also have a movie night or go dancing. Make music or candles, paint, craft, knit, crochet, quilt, build, etc. If you do not already have a creation process that you like, I encourage you to choose one and try it with others.


3) Have a Restaurant Plan and Guerrilla Eating

If you are invited to a restaurant on Full GAPS, suggest a restaurant with a promising salad and bring your own homemade dressing. Ordering meat and steamed veggies also works well when mixed with healthy fat and sea salt brought from home. You can drink a little wine to help digest your meal.


When you are on GAPS intro, do not eat at a restaurant and do not drink alcohol. If presented with an invitation to a restaurant, kindly explain that you are unable to attend and invite your friends to do a different activity with you in the future.


And If you are on Intro and at a day-long event, be prepared to Guerrilla Eat! When I’m on intro and am in this situation, I bring a quart of pre-made soup with me and my jet boil. While others are grabbing food, I heat up my soup in less than five minutes and eat along side them. Depending on the timing, you can also eat beforehand, or during travel using this same method. A thermos will also keep your soup warm where ever you go. Be confident and unapologetic about making the best food choices for your health, and practice feeling this way without judging others.


4) Host More

Maybe on GAPS you feel more comfortable at home, and that is okay! If you are on GAPS, you are probably cooking delicious food, so invite your friends over for dinner. If you do not feel up to that, invite them over for tea, coffee, fresh-pressed juice, or a even a GAPS friendly dessert if you are on Full GAPS.


5) GAPS Support Groups

Search for GAPS Practitioners in your area and inquire about their GAPS support groups, where people on the GAPS protocol gather on a consistent basis. These groups allow you to share your experiences and serve as a reminder that you are not alone. You can find people online as well!


Giving yourself a foundation for nurturing your relationships and making your social life a priority while on the GAPS protocol will sustain your compliance and contribute further to your digestive healing. By communicating your needs with your loved ones your relationships will deepen and become stronger, setting yourself up for healthful success in the future.


And now I’m curious to hear from you. Do you have the support you need while on GAPS, or your gut healing protocol? How does emotional support help you, or how might your life look different if you had the support you needed? Also, if you have a friend who could benefit from this post, please pass it along. The ‘Share’ icons below make this process super simple. I look forward to your response!


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