GAPS & Human Design

The last few weeks I’ve written about what to do if you’re stuck on GAPS. Detox support being the first priority, and then following up with more pinpointed strategies to up level your GAPS game. 


But what if I told you it wasn’t just about the physical stuff?  What if healing yourself is not just about food, or detox, or meat stock?  Well it’s not. 

When I was in training with Dr. Natasha, she talked about the frequency of healing.  That a ‘glass-half empty person’ cannot fully heal themselves. The way she described it is that we have a beam coming out of our heads giving out a certain frequency, and we attract the level of frequency that we emit. 


Now if you are not into the WOO, don’t keep reading.  If you want to stick solely to food + science, this article is not for you.  BUT if you know there is something deeper than just the physical side of healing yourself, maybe what I am going to share will help you in the way it helped me. 


Human Design

Enter Human Design. Technically, it is a combination of astrology, the chakra system, the iChing, and the Kabbalah/ tree of life. But really, it’s a roadmap of who your soul came to be in this lifetime. The more aligned you are with your unique design, the higher vibe your frequency is, the more empowerment + opportunities + health you will embody. Everyone has an individual chart that is activated by where the planets were when you were born + their location 3 months before you were born.  And where they intersect activates your human design chart. You can look up your free human design chart here


When I first pulled up my chart, I had no idea what it meant.  But over time I learned how to manage my unique energy + strategies for success, how to tap into my body’s intelligence (it is different for everyone), how & how often to eat, how to rest, and how I best assimilated + used information. This awareness is what elevated my business, fast-tracked my healing, and what helped me transform from a GAPS caterpillar into a GAPS butterfly. 



For example, I learned that I am a projector, a non-energy being (I knew it!), which consists of about 20% of the population. Projectors are here to guide. I’m specifically part of the 3% of the population who has NO MOTORS at all. I do not generate my own energy. Period. I am very sensitive to food, my environment, and other people’s energy. As far as ‘getting things done,’ I receive my gifts/ offerings to the world/ intuitions when I am resting, and I lose weight by sleeping. I CANNOT get away with the go-go-go paradigm of the modern world. And I need to be invited before sharing my gifts, either physically or energetically. It’s a total waste of my time to try to MAKE something happen or to keep trying to do things when I’m exhausted. 


here is a pic of my human design chart


Figuring all this out felt so validating.  Like I knew deep within my core that this was true.  Yet I had no container to hold space for it, which is what human design gave me. The generic advice that I had gotten my whole life was irrelevant.  And I realized that on some level, this is the case for everyone.



My whole life I had been trying to keep up with energy beings (79% of the population). But being an energy being doesn’t mean you get a free pass. For example, if you are a generator, doing what lights you up creates more energy for you. However, most people are not doing what lights them up and are instead doing what they were taught they were ‘supposed’ to do. Generators can get away more with being people pleasers + overdoers because they have the stable workforce energy that allows them to do so. BUT when you say yes to something and mean no, you diminish you auric field, kill your adrenal health + your happiness, and the mood of everyone around you. Because generators create the life-force that everyone else vibes off of. If you are living your design as a generator, you become magnetic. 


Manifesting Generators

If you are a manifesting generator, these set of generator principles apply to you, but you need to stop following everyone’s advice to ‘just focus on one thing.’  You have the most energy out of any of the types when you are aligned, and you are here to show us what is possible. You are not methodical. You’re fast, you skip steps. You pick things up and put them down as you please. Unfinished side projects are kind of your thing, and it’s time that you own it. Because you have the energy to do so. You can run circles around everyone else.



Manifestors (also energy beings, 9% of the population) are here to follow their urges and to inform others about what they are doing vs. asking for permission. You are the people who can MAKE something happen when you have the genuine urge, even though this generic advice is given to everyone. You are here to initiate.



And Reflectors (1% of the population+ non energy being), you are here to be a f***ing channel. You are here to tell us what is working and not working.You are a unicorn, so it’s time you started acting like it + stop following anyone else’s advice. You are here because you have the potential to become the wisest out of anyone. 


So as you can see, these are very different experiences, depending on who you are.  And what works best for some people isn’t what is going to work best for you. This barely scratches the surface of what human design + managing your energy correctly can mean for your life & health. And I am by no means an expert. This information I’ve shared comes from my own experience + reading a large portion of the human design textbook when I was so ill that I didn’t leave my house for 2 months + taking classes from Jenna Zoë. 


For more resources and to learn more about your human design:


Feel free to leave a comment about what energy-type you are & if you have any questions about it! 😉



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