My Review of Luisa Zhou’s Employee-to-Entrepreneur Course: The Financial Aspect of Health

The process of healing yourself is hard enough as it is without having to worry about the financial aspects of how you are going to make that happen. 


GAPS & Wealth

You can’t really talk about GAPS without talking about privilege.As it is one of the most expensive + obscure diets around.It seems like GAPS was created for those specifically with socioeconomic & educational privilege.And really, that’s definitely part of the truth. The intrinsic need that gave birth to this protocol was the increasing amount of autistic children born on this planet. Parents spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find a solution to no avail.As a result, Dr. Natasha created the GAPS diet


So yes, buying real food, eating grain free, eating tons of pastured animal fat.  It costs so much money!  But relatively speaking, for how powerful GAPS can be (aka providing the healing that even standardized Medical Doctors cannot provide), it is relatively affordable. Making kids lose their autism diagnosis, healing me of my lyme disease, preventing me from getting cancer from the record-breaking amount of pesticides in my body, etc, you get a lot of bang for your buck.  So then, we still have the question of how we are going to afford this diet AND get the professional guidance that we need.  I am well aware that no matter how much work I’ve done to overcome my debilitating chronic illness in 1 year, it’s because I’ve had the financial resources to invest in my healing. 


Fulfilling my Purpose + Filling my Economic Needs

One of the driving forces of my life is to make information about the GAPS diet more accessible to people. And taking Luisa Zhou’s Employee-to-Entrepreneur (ETE) course has allowed me to make this my life’s focus, aligning me with my purpose on this earth while also supporting me financially. Basically ETE is for anyone who wants to be a coach, consultant, teacher, guide people w/ information, etc.


I have to be honest. I bought this course right before I was bit by a tick, contracted lyme disease, and stopped being able to work.  I wasn’t even strong enough to leave my house for 2 straight months. And I was so sick that I didn’t even care that it had been that long.  I was just trying to survive.  Luisa was compassionate and caring about this, and she even allowed me to defer my course payments for a couple months when the financial stress of not working really started to creep in. 


Not the Need for Speed, but the Need for Efficiency

Deep down, I’m not a person who is bursting with energy even when I’m feeling 100%.  My general process is slower than average, but it also allows me to go deeper with my insights, and this transformative perspective is how I contribute my value to society. 


So as for turning my life’s purpose into a business… I knew I wasn’t designed to be pumping out content every single day (I’m a projector in human design, if you want to know more about what that means, you can click here), emailing my list all the time, or constantly posting on social media.  I knew I needed to be as efficient as I could. And that’s what Luisa gave me, as her program is designed to work around a full-time corporate job.  Or in my case, a full-time demanding illness. 


Filling my Schedule as a Result of a Genuine Desire to Help Others

Following Luisa’s methods, as soon as I was ready to go back to work again, I filled my schedule with the amount of clients that I had energy for.  Within a couple weeks, I had paid off the entire cost of the course.  And just to be real with you, I am STILL in the first module. 


Which brings me to my next point.So the first module is market research.One of the most profound lessons I’ve learned from Luisa is that you do not create your market.Instead, you listen to what people need and then design your business around serving that need.  She helped me reframe my attitude on Sales especially.


Basically, her business model is to listen, develop a solution, and then be really honest about what you can deliver.  That’s it.  That’s how I’ve gotten all of my clients.  Always honoring their autonomy, and never being pushy or weird about it. Then they can decide what is best for them.  The whole process feels very fluid and natural.  And it benefits my work as well because I get to work with people who truly just want to dive into GAPS and get better.  I spend absolutely zero energy convincing them of anything. 


Holistic Business Tools

In learning more about business, Luisa has given me the tools to change the course of people’s lives. People come to me for help explaining that it is literally a matter of life or death. And then I get to completely change the trajectory of their lives for a living. It’s challenging in the best way. My clients & I both get so much value out of it, and it’s worth all of the effort on both sides. Every Single Time. Sometimes I cannot believe this is my real life. 


Whenever I had a question about the course content or about a direction I should go with my business, Luisa would answer on our Facebook page with words that would inspire me, inform me, and help me move forward.  There were a couple times where she accidentally missed one of my questions, and then when I mentioned it in her ‘checking in’ survey, she sent me a personal video message apologizing, answering my questions, and then telling me to tag her again if she doesn’t respond because the algorithm is weird and sometimes questions can sink to the bottom without her realizing it.


You can tell that she really cares about you as a person & what happens with your business.  And I almost feel like a broken record saying this because I’ve heard so many of her other students say it as well. 


I did join a live version of the Employee to Entrepreneur course, which is no longer available. But Luisa still offers ETE for self study, which is at a lower price point than the live version I joined. And even though the ‘live’ version is over (I missed a lot of the live stuff anyway because I was sick 🙁 ), I still get the support I need from her team and the facebook community. Plus, Luisa does check in fairly frequently. And all the content is the same, if that’s something you’re interested in exploring.


Honestly, the most gratifying part of Luisa’s program is that I am actively helping people heal themselves from conditions that even fancy doctors haven’t been able to help them with– mental health, sleep, energy, passing parasites, autoimmune conditions that are supposedly ‘uncurable,’ etc.And though I’ve been in the wellness world for almost a decade now, I would have never been able to help people in the way I have if not for the business training I’ve received from Luisa Zhou. 


The Process Itself + the Future it Holds

The Employee-to-Entrepreneur course itself is a no bullshit kind of style.  You will not find ‘fluff’ anywhere in this course.  The lessons are literally 5-7 minutes long, just enough to instruct you & then the rest of the time you are physically working on your business. Luisa doesn’t say one more word than she needs to.  This structure basically informs you on how to move forward with your business in the most productive way possible, ways that will bring cash into your bank account, and thus financing your path moving forward. 


Right now, I am focusing on the first step of Luisa’s business model- selling premium packages and offering support that people cannot get anywhere else.I’ve loved getting out of the conventional ‘doctor-appointment’ model that has felt so alienating to me in the past.Instead, my clients and I commit to each other for an extended period of time, we meet every week, and they can ALWAYS reach out to me. It feels so gratifying to give the support I always wished I had when I was sick. 


Luisa’s business model has room for growth that I haven’t even gotten to yet. My next steps are using my experience working with 1:1 clients to create group programs, and then using this experience to create a course.  At each new level, I will be able to reach more people & make GAPS more accessible, which is my ultimate goal because it is so needed!


Dreams are Possible

I am incredibly humbled by my progress in Luisa’s course and in my business.Her guidance gave me the courage to know that my dreams were possible, and her business model allowed me to get back to work even during one of the most difficult times in my life. So thank you Luisa for the work that you do and the empowerment + healing you are spreading all over the world.I will always be grateful for you!


GAPS Certified Instructional Videos so that You can Transform Your Life

It took me: 3.5 years on GAPS, a lyme diagnosis, record-breaking amounts of pesticides in my body, an incredible amount of heavy metals, a GAPS practitioner certification, and 8 months working intensely with one of the top GAPS Practitioners in the world before I figured out how to do GAPS right + truly started healing myself. I don’t think it should take that much time, suffering, or study for you.


That’s why I created the GAPS Certified Instructional Videos approved by Dr. Natasha’s Son to completely change the way people go on GAPS forever. You’re in the right place if you want to See the Videos.